The Ohio I love is pro-life, not what Dems believe

The Ohio I love is pro-life, not what Dems believe

Letter to the Editor,

After reading Mady Noble’s letter (July 16) regarding losing the Ohio we love, I decided to take her advice and stand up and speak out.

Raping a child is unconscionable, indicative of the violent society perpetuated by a corrupt political system of liberal DAs and judges.

The letter wrongly stated the child would have been denied medical care in Ohio. What kind of “medical” care did she receive in Indiana, other than a violent invasion of her body? She did not have to be taken anywhere, and the abortion was a decision made for her. Medically produced videos of the various types of abortions show hideously grotesque, torturous procedures of murder. Yes, a premeditated act of killing is murder.

Violating the HIPAA law, the pro-abortion activist doctor proclaimed the story to the media. It’s unlikely that doctor will face charges for this legal breach of the right to privacy.

This was a disgusting Democrat political circus emanating from the White House at the expense of a child and a baby with a beating heart at an opportune time following the overturn of Roe v. Wade.

There’s been a plethora of rapes against minors, even some as young as this girl, but we’ve heard nothing out of the Democrats about the violence against children. In fact, recently, the Democratic controlled House Judiciary Committee unanimously shot down an opportunity to increase penalties for child sex traffickers, and Biden’s appointed SCOTUS Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson believes pedophiles aren’t really criminals.

You stated, “This is only the beginning of the many girls and women who will suffer or die under the cruel law.” Really? How about the thousands of women who died after a “legal” abortion at well-known clinics that request no siren when calling for an emergency ambulance? Dirty little secret.

How about girl babies whose lives are sucked out of a womb, dismembered or have their head crushed while totally aware of the pain? How about the cover-up of selling of parts from preferred born-alive babies? How about the University of Pittsburgh working together with the U.S. government to procure the “freshest tissues and organs” in violation of the law? Infanticide?

You speak of Republicans’ extreme religious and narrow-minded, mean-spirited policies with a majority who oppose them. I’m also a poll worker, and if you believe Ohio had a free and fair election, then why assume most Ohioans think as you do? Which party is mean-spirited — the one which believes in life, or the one promoting death, deceit and destruction?

As for religious extremism, this country was founded on the belief that God reigns supreme above government. George Washington took his cabinet to St. Paul’s Church immediately after his inauguration. The Ten Commandments were etched onto many government buildings because America is nothing without that God-given code.

The U.S. Constitution protects every life, but Democrats keep trying to destroy that too.

How would you vote if Jesus were standing next to you? Guess what? He is.

Dorene Miller


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