TuscBDD proposes levy

TuscBDD proposes levy

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The Tuscarawas County commissioners approved the Tuscarawas County Board of Developmental Disabilities’ request to put a 1.7 mill renewal operating levy on the Nov. 8 ballot. This levy was first passed in 1993, and since that time much has changed.

The levy will not increase taxes; however, it will continue the existing levy in order to provide the funds to support over 600 children and adults with developmental disabilities in Tuscarawas County. There are no new taxes with the renewal levy, and it will cost the owner of a $100,000 house $26.76 annually.

Over the last several years, the need for youth-specific options has increased, especially for youth with intensive behavioral needs. The number of children being served by TuscBDD has been on the rise, and the team has spent a lot of time and funding on creating local solutions for families.

“We created innovative services for youth and adults over these past several years, and to keep operating at this capacity, we will need to renew this funding,” TuscBDD Superintendent Nate Kamban said. “Our priority is to keep families together and to help them to learn how to support each other. Because these types of very specific, specialized services were scarce, we made the decision to build local capacity for children with intensive needs. The services and supports that TuscBDD provides to children and their families in our community are free and primarily funded through local levy dollars. This is one of the many reasons that the passage of this levy is critical for people with disabilities in our community.”

TuscBDD provides a variety of services to people with developmental disabilities from birth through the end of life.

“We realize that we have a lifelong commitment to each person we serve. We have been serving Tuscarawas County for over 60 years, and many things changed during that time. However, we have always promoted safety, wellness and success for those being served by TuscBDD. We will always work to establish a culture of inclusion, diversity and innovation for all,” Kamban said. “The Tuscarawas County community has always strongly supported people with disabilities, and we are so thankful for their continuous support. We are counting on the community to continue this by supporting the levy in November.”

TuscBDD uses its operating levy dollars to provide services, supports and funding to over 600 individuals with developmental disabilities in Tuscarawas County. Some of those services include the following:

—Service and support administration.

—Early intervention for children from birth to age 3 including speech, occupational and physical therapy.

—Starlight Preschool and school-age classrooms.

—Starlight School Specialized Services Program for public school districts.

—Youth in Crisis Stabilization Homes.

—In-home behavioral support programs.

—Family support services.

—Funding for adult day services.

—Provider support programs.

—Residential services.

—Respite services for youth and adults.


—Assistance with obtaining community employment.

—Transition youth services.

—Summer programs at the Starlight School.

—Family mentorship.

—Special Olympics.

—FANS Network, which provides opportunities for individuals with and without disabilities to connect.