Township power aggregate not set in stone yet

Township power aggregate not set in stone yet

The Lawrence Township Board of Trustees voted Nov. 22 to sign a contract with Archer Energy to potentially purchase electricity at a reduced rate for township residents. Trustees had passed a resolution at their Nov. 10 meeting allowing them to enter into the contract. However, no energy purchase has been made or will be unless certain conditions are met.

Joe Garrett, energy consultant with Trebel Energy Services, proposed the contract at the Nov. 10 meeting to try locking in a rate that would secure savings of at least 15% compared to AEP rates.

Signing the contract with Archer Energy will allow the purchase of 45% of the discounted power needed, should it become available this winter, with the remaining 55% to be purchased in the spring at potentially lower rates.

The agreement would be for 12 months only, given the current unpredictability of energy rates. Should an aggregate be formed, township residents will be automatically enrolled, but they may opt out at any time with no penalty, as was the case with the previous aggregation with Volunteer Energy.

Also key to any agreement will be the ability for residents to choose a monthly budget billing plan should an aggregate be formed.

Cemetery fee schedule updated

Trustees voted to add a cost for weekday burials requested after 2:45 p.m. at Fort Laurens Cemetery to its fee schedule. This is intended to cover the cost of employees’ overtime hours, according to fiscal officer Ann Ackerman.

Effective Jan. 1, the fee for weekday burials before 2:45 p.m. will remain the same. However, afternoon and evening burials on weekdays will be the same cost as Saturdays: $600 for township residents and $850 for nonresidents.

Mausoleum fees were eliminated from the fee schedule as there is no longer space available for entombment. Fees for foundations and footers also were removed as the cemetery no longer handles those.

Other business

Trustees voted to do the following:

—Reappoint trustee Don Ackerman as representative to the regional planning commission with zoning inspector Ron Weekley as alternate.

—Realign permanent appropriations to reflect additional revenues of $117,300 from lodging taxes, grants and other sources.

—Provide gift cards to volunteer members of the board of zoning appeals and zoning commission.

In other matters

Chairman Matt Ritterbeck thanked the road crew and seasonal employee Don Artzner for repairing and repainting benches at the Lawrence Township Riverfront Community Park.

Weekley said he issued a building permit to AJACC for mini-storage units on Fort Laurens Road. He said he made clear to the company the permit was for the first structure and that additional permits will be needed for each building.

In a related matter, Weekley and the trustees discussed the possible need to increase request-for-variance fees in order to adequately cover the cost of the stenographer and legal transcript required as part of the process.

Don Ackerman said he is working on organizing a training session for members of the zoning commission and the board of zoning appeals.

Chuck McNutt, road supervisor, said the new trucks have performed well during recent snow events. He also said all crack and seal work is done for the year, and any new work required this year will be handled with cold patch purchased from the county.

Administrative assistant Martina Mann has assembled a log book to keep track of the dates of all road work, tree trimming, sign replacement and other road crew work as advised by the insurance company.

Before adjourning, the board went into executive session. No action was taken.

Meeting date change

The next meeting will be Monday, Dec. 5 at 7 p.m. Meetings usually are held the second and last Tuesday of each month at Charles E. Lundenberger Hall, 10867 Industrial Parkway NW, Bolivar.