Schoenbrunn adds new site manager

Schoenbrunn adds new site manager

Image Credit: Teri Stein

Kris Eddy of Zoar was recently named site manager for Historic Schoenbrunn Village. A history buff since her teenage years, she enjoys Ohio and Civil War history and local history.

Eddy is happy to be at Schoenbrunn for the 250th anniversary.

“I’m looking forward to relearning the Schoenbrunn history, learning more about the Delaware history and getting to meet and to know all the volunteers here who have really made the wheels go round with all their different skills and things they’re interested in,” Eddy said.

The village is always looking for more volunteers, and there are a number of jobs from tour guides and doing demonstrations in the log homes to behind-the-scenes work in grounds maintenance or helping in the gift shop.

“I think what really surprises people is that they were able to create something from nothing,” Eddy said.

Children are sometimes shocked when visiting the log homes. “There’s no Alexa; there’s no internet. There’s no dishwasher, or there’s no washing machine in there. I don’t think they understand how much time that took out of your day, just to have clean clothes or to make a meal,” Eddy said.

Eddy invites everyone to visit the village this year and see some of the new interpretive displays that have been put in place for the 250th.