Paid poll workers urgently needed for Aug. 2 primary

Paid poll workers urgently needed for Aug. 2 primary

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With the Aug. 2 primary election just around the corner, the Wayne County Board of Elections is still short of workers to staff polling locations.

“We usually run elections with about 300 poll workers if we’re fully staffed,” election operations manager Morgan O’Rourke said.

That 300 includes 260-270 poll workers with the rest working as rovers who travel around the county on election day. The rovers function as hands in the field who can help with things like tech support as needed.

The board of elections can run the election a bit under the minimum number of staff, but at this time they are not yet at their minimum number required. Currently, there are about 230 who have volunteered for training and a day of work at the polls.

Poll workers are paid volunteers who receive $25 for attending a training of around 2 1/2 to three hours and $116.20 for working on election day. The training is legally required and helps workers know what their duties will be on election day.

This primary will be an opportunity to choose representatives to the state central committee and candidates for state representative and state senator.

“You are picking the people who are going to represent you,” O’Rourke said. “Participation is the only way you can make sure your voice is expressed. We need poll workers for every location so we can make sure we have everyone’s right to vote protected and upheld.”

Everyone interested in being a poll worker on Aug. 2 and getting a close-up look at democracy in action is asked to call the board of elections at 330-287-5421 as soon as possible.