New owner plans to open coffee shop

New owner plans to open coffee shop

Image Credit: Lori Feeney

At the January meeting of Zoar Council, members heard the former Tin Shop Coffee House at 395 Main St. has new owners. Council President Gayle Potelicki said the owners have asked for a conditional-use permit to continue using the property as a coffee shop on the first floor with a residence upstairs.

A public hearing will be held before voting on the matter on Jan. 23 at 6:30 p.m. at the Zoar Village Hall and Event Center.

Bolivar police officer Eric Minor informed council of the proper process for reporting complaints regarding postal service. He said any past and future complaints should be documented on statement forms provided by the police department and then given to the Bolivar post master, who is required to send the forms to the congressional representative responsible for post office accountability. Forms are available on the Zoar Village website at

In light of recent weather, Minor also stressed to council the importance of clearing roads to allow emergency vehicles access to all properties.

Safety committee chair Tom Klingaman said the truck has been repaired and is ready for plowing and will develop a backup plan in the event the truck is unavailable during a future snow event.

David Hayes, zoning inspector, said funding has been secured to renovate the building at 151 First St., owned by the Zoar Community Association. Plans call for the first floor to house a business with the second floor remaining a residential rental. Hayes said he expects the project to be complete by this fall.

Council also discussed possible locations to post meeting minutes and other village notices in order to comply with Ohio Sunshine Laws. Law Director Doug Frautschy will look into the requirements and advise council members.

Mayor’s report

Mayor Scott Gordon said the Army Corps of Engineers has changed managers for the Zoar Levee project. Crews will leave after finishing the filter blanket work and will return in the spring.

Gordon also said recent budget cuts made by Times Reporter mean Barb Limbacher will no longer be able to cover Zoar Council meetings, along with several others in the area.

Zoar Council meets the second Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. at the Zoar Village Hall and Event Center.