Lawrence Township to host free scrap tire collection

Lawrence Township to host free scrap tire collection

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A Scrap Tire Disposal Day will be held Saturday, Sept. 10 at the Lawrence Township building outside Bolivar. People may bring scrap tires to the location from 10 a.m. to noon, unless the hoppers fill up before noon.

No semi or tractor tires will be accepted, and tires must be off the rim. Each person can bring up to 10 tires to the event for recycling.

Hosted by the Lawrence Township trustees in partnership with the Tuscarawas County Health Department, Liberty Tire, Kimble Companies and the Tuscarawas County Sheriff’s Office, the event is part of an overall effort to reduce mosquito populations in the county.

Kimble is donating the use of four hoppers to collect the tires, and Liberty Tire of Minerva will recycle the tires.

The program is funded in part by a grant from the Ohio EPA. Michael Kopko, REHS and director of environmental health services for the county health department, said the grant requires efforts to be focused on source reduction as opposed to the spraying most people have come to expect.

“Source reduction involves eliminating mosquito habitats,” Kopko said. “This means eliminating standing water, and a good place for water to stand is in scrap tires that are thrown about and not disposed of properly.”

It is particularly important to dispose of these mosquito-breeding grounds because mosquitoes can carry disease, which makes them more than a nuisance. West Nile virus was detected earlier this year in mosquitoes trapped by the health department near Fort Laurens in Bolivar and near Ragersville, according to Kopko. Spraying was conducted in those areas and is now only conducted when disease is detected.

“Spraying is a last resort for us now,” Kopko said, adding the county also applies larvicide to standing water in some cases. “We place a minimally toxic granule that looks like Grape Nuts into catch basins and standing water in ditches, small bodies of water, and other breeding ground. It kills the larva before they hatch into adult mosquitoes, and as a method of reducing mosquito population, it's much more effective and much less taxing on the environment than spraying.”

When spraying is necessary, the county uses a product that is much less harmful to the environment than those used in the past.

Kopko said there are several things residents can do on their own to help keep mosquito activity under control.

“Probably one of the most common prevention methods would be keeping gutters properly cleaned out,” he said. "Those can hold water, and there's a lot of organic material in them that mosquitoes like to eat."

Kopko said bird baths also can harbor mosquitoes, as well as ponds, ditches holding water, trash cans and kiddie pools.

Bringing scrap tires to the event on Sept. 10 is another step residents can take toward mosquito prevention. Residents are advised to arrive early as the event will end before noon if the hoppers are filled. Matt Ritterbeck, chairman of the township’s board of trustees, said the last time they held a scrap tire event, the hoppers were filled in about an hour.

The Lawrence Township building, Charles E. Lundenberger Hall, is located at 10867 Industrial Parkway NW in Bolivar.