Holmes household hazardous waste collection June 25

Holmes household hazardous waste collection June 25

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Holmes County’s household hazardous waste collection day will take place Saturday, June 25 from 8 a.m. to noon at Holmes County Fairgrounds at Harvest Ridge, 8880 state Route 39, just west of Millersburg.

The collection day is available to Holmes County residents only, and anyone dropping off hazardous material will need to have their driver’s license or current utility bill with them to establish their Holmes County residency.

While there is a large array of items that will be acceptable, there are some items that will not be accepted. No business, agricultural or industrial waste will be accepted.

Acceptable items include oil-based paint and stain (no latex paint, which can be discarded safely at home with kitty litter); aerosols; household plant/pest killer in liquids, solids or aerosols; household cleaners that are acids, bases or oxidizers; reactives; adhesives; roof tar and driveway sealer; automobile products like motor oil, antifreeze, fluids and grease; fuels including gasoline, kerosene and lighter fluid; mercury; batteries that are led-acid, auto and household; fluorescent bulbs; PCB light ballasts; fire extinguishers; propane tanks; household appliances and electronics; and TVs, computers and monitors.

In addition, the center will accept tires at a charge of $3 per tire for passenger cars and light trucks, with a limit of four per vehicle. No agriculture tires will be accepted.

Unacceptable items include anything not listed above including latex paint, ammunition, medical waste, air-conditioners, nonpropane tanks or cylinders.

The event is sponsored by the Holmes County Solid Waste Management District.

For more information visit www.holmescountyrecycling.com.

With the hazardous waste collection day looming, Holmes County residents are invited to do their part in recycling by visiting one of the nine recycling drop-off locations around Holmes County.

Those sites include Berlin, Parkwood Drive across from Berlin Park; Holmesville, Holmesville Village Garage on Washington Street; Charm, Mrs. Miller’s parking lot on state Route 557; Mt. Hope, Mt. Hope Ag Center on state Route 241; Millersburg, Old County Dog Shelter on County Road 349; Walnut Creek, behind the Walnut Creek Antique Mall on McKinley Place Drive; the Monroe Township Garage on Township Road 257; Lakeville, behind the Lakeville Firehouse on state Route 226; and Winesburg, by the park ball field on North Chestnut Street.

Daily recyclable material includes all glass bottles and jars, paper and cardboard boxes (broken down), metal cans and lids, and plastics.

“We ask that everyone please follow the rules of recycling and always wash and clean recyclables,” Holmes County Solid Waste Management Director Tim Morris said.

He said one glaring recycling act that gets overlooked has caused major issues with the recycling collectors.

“Plastic bags are not recyclable,” Morris said. “Please, do not put plastic bags in the bins because they get caught in the recycling machine gears. That includes small plastic shopping bags and large plastic trash bags. Recyclables must be removed from the plastic bag prior to depositing the recycled items into the bin. It doesn’t take that long to simply empty the contents, and then people can reuse their plastic bags to collect more recycling.”

He said these drop sites are not there for residents as a convenient place to put their garbage. Items not accepted at the regular sites include trash, clothing, TVs and electronics, furniture, carpet, appliances, plastic bags, tires, paint and hazardous material, yard waste, toys, building material, and mattresses.