Former Times Reporter property purchased by Provia

Former Times Reporter property purchased by Provia

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New Philadelphia Mayor Joel B. Day announced a press release has officially been issued announcing the purchase of the former Times Reporter property on Wabash Avenue NW by Provia of Sugarcreek.

The announcement was part of Day’s mayoral report to city council at its Nov. 22 meeting. Day said the purchase price of the property at auction was $1.4 million. According to Day, Provia, a manufacturer of exterior building products, has yet to announce its plans for the facility, except to say it will be used to support the company’s continued growth.

Day also announced continued business growth in the city as Biggby Coffee plans to open a location at 1139 W. High Ave. The new shop is part of the coffeehouse chain founded in 1995 and based in Lansing, Michigan.

Day’s written report, which can be found on the city’s Facebook page, stated the demolition of buildings at the former Joy Fan/Howden Buffalo site will not be completed until January or February 2022. Officials at the county Economic Development and Finance Alliance cited a lack of available trucks to haul away scrap as the reason for the delay.

Council removes $100 filing fee for annexation

Cheryl Ramos, chair of the zoning and annexation committee, requested emergency passage of two pieces of legislation moved out of the zoning and annexation committee in an earlier meeting.

One would amend an existing ordinance to eliminate a $100 annexation filing fee. The change was suggested by Law Director Marvin Fete, who said a recent applicant was the only party charged the fee since he has been in office. Day, McAbier and Zucal voiced agreement with the resolution, with Zucal requesting the applicant be reimbursed the full amount of the filing fee.

The second was a resolution to consider providing city services to an annexation applicant so the application could be forward to the county commissioners for approval.

Three new water projects coming

Ron McAbier, city service director, said work is scheduled for three new water projects. One will take place on Second Street NW between Fair and Ray, already began Nov. 22 and should be completed by the end of the month.

The second project will take place at the former Joy Manufacturing/Howden Buffalo site, which should take about three weeks to complete. Work should begin Monday, Nov. 29. In addition, waterline work is scheduled to take place soon for Baker and Kelly streets.

McAbier said the city received an Ohio Public Works Commission grant in the amount of $299,900 for a waterline project on Parklane Drive. Because grant funds will not be available to the city until July 2022, the project is not scheduled to commence until next August.

McAbier also reported the completion of work on the park lagoon and recent improvements to at the Schoenbrunn Gardens cemetery, including landscaping and a new fence.

City Hall building paid off

City Auditor Beth Gundy reported the final payment was made two weeks ago on the John Knisely Municipal Centre bond debt.

Parents should be aware of RSV

Health Board Chair John Zucal said parents of young children should be aware of a resurgence of Respiratory Syncytial Virus. Zucal said symptoms, which can mimic COVID-19 symptoms, include fever, severe cough, wheezing, rapid or labored breathing and the possibility of children quickly turning blue due to a lack of oxygen.


Council passed:

—An emergency resolution to consider providing municipal services to 1847 E. High Ave. upon annexation into the city

—An emergency resolution amending an existing ordinance and removing the $100 filing fee for annexation requests.

Before adjourning, council met in an executive session requested by city Safety Director Greg Popham to discuss fire department personnel.