Commissioners approve appropriations budget

Commissioners approve appropriations budget

The Wayne County Commissioners passed the appropriations budget for 2023 on Jan. 3 during an organizational meeting.

Total expense appropriations for 2023 are $182,750,062.19, including general funds of $33,904,596.74.

Currently, the estimated revenue and cash on hand to cover appropriations is $210,288,327.14. There are 120 funds included in the 2023 budget comprising of 14 funds with more than $1 million in estimated receipts, 37 funds between $100,000 and $1 million, and 69 funds with less than $100 thousand in estimated receipts.

The three funds with the largest appropriations are:

—The Wayne County Engineer’s Office – In 2022, the engineer’s office was appropriated $9.7 million, and in 2023, the office is appropriated 9.3 million, a 4.2% reduction.

—The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office – In 2022, the sheriff’s office received $6.9 million, and in 2023, the office is appropriated $7.5, an 8.7% increase.

—The Wayne County Care Center – In 2022, the care center received $6.5 million, and in 2023, the center is appropriated $7.4 million, a 13.6% increase.

Last year, the General Fund grew 1.5% over the course of the year, and the revenue forecast grew 12%.

The county general fund has total resources projected at $36.4 million, including a carryover balance and anticipated revenue, primarily from the sales tax, but also from other sources, including general property taxes, state revenue support, and interest earnings.

This fund finances maintenance and operational support for many county buildings, along with substantial financial support of the justice system and other services provided by county government offices. Sheriff’s office operations continue to be the largest operation in this fund at $7.5 million, which reflects an 8.7% increase over what was authorized one year ago for 2022.

Many other services are provided from a series of other special-purpose funds, that bring total appropriations to $182.8 million. Examples of these operations include Children Services at $12.1 million, Development Disabilities at $13.6 million, Job and Family Services at $7.5 million, Airport Operations at $1.2 million and Wastewater Treatment Services totaling $1.7 million.

Both 2022 and 2023 revenue forecasts are conservative, and the numbers have been rounded. The full appropriations budget can be downloaded from

Dan Starcher is a public communications coordinator for the Wayne County government.