BBB to host 9th annual shred and e-cycle event

BBB to host 9th annual shred and e-cycle event

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The Better Business Bureau will offer a free community shred and e-cycle event on Saturday, Sept. 17 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Dover Buehler’s parking lot at 3000 N. Wooster Ave. in Dover.

Businesses and individuals can bring any documents that list personal or financial information to be commercially shredded onsite. E-cycling of electronics also will be available.

Items include batteries (no alkaline), cell phones, computers, fluorescent light bulbs, ink and toner cartridges, keyboards, laptops, flat-screen monitors, printers, satellite boxes and dishes, and flat-screen televisions. For a complete list of items, visit the BBB’s website or call the office.

Items with a disposal fee include the following:

—Fluorescent lightbulbs at $1 for 4 feet or smaller and $2 for 8 feet.

—Flat-screen monitors at $5.

—Flat-screen TVs at $10.

There is no charge for this event; however, monetary donations to the BBB Charitable & Educational Fund Inc. are welcome to continue to provide this service.

The Identity Theft Resource Center has devised a guide to protect individuals against identity theft by using the word SHRED:

S is for strengthen passwords. Use at least eight characters, alphanumeric, symbols, and upper and lowercase letters.

H is for handle personal identifying information with care. Don’t give this information out unless necessary.

R is for read credit reports annually. Go to every year for a free credit report.

E is for empty your purse or wallet. Don’t carry any more than necessary and never have your Social Security card with you.

D is for discuss these tips with your friends. Share your knowledge and educate those around you.

Visit or call the BBB office at 330-454-9401.