New owners making major improvements at Lake Wapusun

New owners making major improvements at Lake Wapusun

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When Max Fishman bought the Lake Wapusun RV Resort this past spring, the idea was to turn it into a destination, not just for his current clientele but for anyone and everyone who might enjoy a weekend – or more – away.

For that to happen, some improvements had to be made. Enter Fishman and his group with the hopes of buffing a well-known place to a newer, shinier version.

“The property had been owned by the previous owners for like 30 years,” Fishman said. “We’ve seen minimal improvements over there. It needed an overhaul basically.”

Stopping short of tearing things down to the studs, Fishman’s group is in the process of doing just about anything else that can be done to upgrade the premises — Lake Wapusun is located at 10787 Molter Road in Shreve, a couple miles off of state Route 3. The current overhaul will include paving roads and renovating buildings, upgrading playgrounds and other entertainment areas, and installing more activities, such as a jumping pillow and jump pad.

The resort was purchased in May. Fishman said the goal is to have everything on the improvement list finished by the end of 2024, with most by the end of 2023.

Among the upgrades will be fiber internet, which he said will be installed over the entire property and should be ready to go by April.

“We paid to have them bring that from over a mile away,” Fishman said of the new internet.

Fishman would not say how much money is being poured in to the project, but that it’s nothing more expensive than what would be going on at any similar campground. It’s just that most others probably didn’t need quite as much of a facelift.

The hope is to turn Lake Wapusun into a destination for campers and weekend relaxers who are looking for something with a little more shine on it.

“Historically the park has had good recurring guests, occupancy and what-not, so we’re just looking to improve the guest experience,” Fishman said. “We’re looking to bring in the tourists that will want to stay in the Amish-Mohican area.

“We’re known for very warm and family welcome campground where many of our guests know each other. It’s warm and friendly, comfortable, a tight-knit community. That was one of their concerns when we bought the property: Are we going to lose the warm community we have had for years?”

Fishman believes the answer to that is no. In fact, the idea is to make it a warmer, more attractive community for those yet to visit. He didn’t necessarily think people wouldn’t come without the upgrades. At the same time he knows that upgrades to things like a renovated general store, game room and other on-site amenities will keep people coming back and get some new folks to check in and want to keep coming back.

“They’re more like tourists coming into the Ohio-Mohican-Amish community,” he said of his target audience. "They kind of like a good time. Instead of just camping, they look at it more like a vacation, relaxation and family fun.”

Once at Lake Wapusun, nobody’s going to run out of things to do. The resort features a swimming beach, paddle boat and rowing rentals, a game room, Amish playground, fishing at five lakes, jumping pillows and live entertainment, among other things.

Lake Wapusun offers seasonal RV sites for those taking a longer camping trip or having an extended stay. Electric and water hookups are available, along with a sewer option. RV sites are offered for those maybe wanting to take a weekend trip. Daily, weekly and monthly reservations are available among Lake Wapusun’s more than 300 RV sites. A-frames and cabins also are available.

Seasonal camping applications are being accepted for 2023. For more information about that or anything related to Lake Wapusun, visit or call 330-496-2355.