Morton recognizes piano students

Morton recognizes piano students

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Sallie Morton, a piano teacher in Wooster, recently recognized some of her students for outstanding achievements.

Accomplishment medallions went to Daniel Le Denmat and Gabriel Le Denmat for presenting an entire program of Christmas songs for their parents, grandparents and family in France; Carsten Gasser for learning an entire book of Christmas carols; Amelia Correll for learning the first movement of “Concert Sonatina” to go with the second movement of her contest song; and Seth Melton for preparing all three movements of "Sontina, Opus 792, No. 2" by Carl Czerny.

Other medallions presented were as follows:

—Composer Facts Extraordinaire: Daniel Le Denmat, Gabriel Le Denmat and Seth Melton.

—Most Dependable Counters: Katelyn Baker, Allison Gasser and Carsten Gasser.

—Best Hand Position: Amelia Correll, Allison Gasser, Beau Hoffman, Seth Melton and Lucas Pindell.

—Sight Reading: Allison Gasser and Delaney Hoffman, first place; Calvin Gasser, Carsten Gasser and Jenna Gasser, second place; Jaden Clay, third place; and Amelia Correll, fourth place.

Morton’s students include Allison Gasser and Jenna Gasser of Rittman; Calvin Gasser and Carsten Gasser of Marshallville; Daniel Le Denmat and Gabriel Le Denmat of Dalton; and Katelyn Baker, Sarah Baker, Wesley Baker, Jaden Clay, Amelia Correll, Ian DeArment, Beau Hoffman, Seth Melton, Delaney Hoffman, Lucas Pindell, Katie Stine and Mason Zimmerer of Wooster.