Identify the signs and symptoms of a stroke

Identify the signs and symptoms of a stroke

Mindy Hoopingarner and Christine Harrington from Cleveland Clinic Union Hospital will present the virtual program, Stroke Awareness and Prevention, on Monday, Oct. 18 at 2 p.m.

This Zoom presentation will teach people to identify the signs and symptoms of a stroke and what to do when these signs present themselves.

Stroke is a sudden diminished blood supply to the brain, which can cause irreversible damage and disability. According to medical research, stroke is the number-one cause of adult disability in the United States. A stroke occurs every 40 seconds in the U.S. The encouraging news is that up to 80% of strokes can be prevented.

If a person is having a stroke, time is critical. It is important to recognize the warning signs and note when the symptoms began. It is helpful to know the BEFAST guidelines: balance, eyes, face, arms, speech and terrible headache. Persons suffering from a stroke should seek care at a certified stroke treatment center.

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