Young enjoyed spreading teamwork of Holmes County

Young enjoyed spreading teamwork of Holmes County

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Last year at this time, West Holmes then-senior Matthew Young stood in front of a crowd on the CSB stage on the green at Harvest Ridge as the Holmes County Fair kicked off, receiving his crown as the newest member of the Holmes County Junior Fair kings.

He said he was excited to represent Holmes County and the Holmes County Fair by traveling, exploring Ohio and talking about all the assets and benefits of living in Holmes County.

One year later Young is ready to hand over his crown, waiting to honor the selection of the 2022-23 Holmes County Junior Fair king.

He will do so, having experienced a year filled with county fair and parade visits and having fulfilled his goal of promoting Holmes County to his fullest.

“Representing the fair and Holmes County was a fantastic experience where I got to meet so many new people, which I find very interesting,” Young said. “That’s probably the most enjoyable part of this past year.”

Young said traveling across Ohio and bearing witness to the many different fairs was especially intriguing because he got a chance to compare the Holmes County Fair to the many others he visited. He said many of them were very enjoyable, but he would put his hometown fair up against any of them.

“They each do things their own way. Each of them is unique, but what we have here is special,” Young said. “After the flood when we rebuilt the fairgrounds we have now, I think it showed so much of what it means to be a part of Holmes County. I think what we built here is one of the nicest fairgrounds in the state and maybe in the country. We might not be the biggest fair, but we are so organized, and everything here is beautiful. I remember all of the challenges that went into building Harvest Ridge and the way this community came together to make it happen, and that is what makes it so special.”

Young said it was an honor to follow in the footsteps of the fair royalty who have gone before him and to represent not only the fair, but also the many communities throughout Holmes County.

“That was really cool, and it meant a lot to me because I know a lot of the kings and queens who have done this before me, and they have gone on to do some really great things,” Young said.

While he enjoyed visiting each of the fairs and festivals he attended this past year, he said one that stood out to him was the Ashland County Fair because it was an open fair with nice grounds and displays and the royalty there treated them well. He said he recognized many of the same attributes he experiences at the Holmes County Fair. As his schedule winds down, he will take in the sights and sounds of the Ohio State Fair before finding himself right back where it all began, on the CSB stage on the green at Harvest Ridge.

“It’s gone by pretty quickly,” Young said.

In traveling Ohio, he would attend events by himself, but often he would coordinate trips and travel with Holmes County Queen Ally Ogi and the rest of the attendants, all with the purpose of representing their fair and their county.

“I know I enjoyed it, and so has everyone on the royalty team,” Young said. “I don’t think it will be an experience any of us will ever forget, and I am so honored to be able to represent my county.”

Young will attend Penn State University in the fall, with his eyes on a degree in finance and becoming involved with the investment world.

He said this next step in life is one that was greatly aided by his time in Holmes County 4-H, having developed many life skills that will be beneficial for him and the many other high school graduates who are moving on to college.

“I know the hard work, determination and working together with others will be a big asset for me,” Young said. “I think 4-H has taught me that working together to achieve the bigger goal is something to aspire to.”