When life gives you lemons, become an entrepreneur

When life gives you lemons, become an entrepreneur

As children, many adults remember the first way they made a few dollars was by selling ice cold lemonade to customers driving by their front lawns on a hot summer day.

Those early years of earning a buck or two taught many young business owners what it took to make a dollar — sometimes sitting outside all day long only to sell a couple of those Dixie-sized cups of that sugary goodness. But no adult could drive by a young child’s lemonade stand without stopping, throwing them a quarter and taking a cup, helping to teach future generations what really goes in to creating a small business.

In 2022 the lemonade stands are still giving young entrepreneurs in Wayne County and across the U.S. the chance to start a business venture of their own.

Wayne County Lemonade Day will be presented Saturday, June 11, sponsored by the Wooster Area Chamber of Commerce.

“Kids will set up their lemonade stands all across Wayne County and watch their entrepreneurial dreams come to life,” said Michelle Rothgery, communications and office coordinator with the Wooster Chamber. “The exact location of each participating stand can be found at lemonadeday.org/wayne-county-oh. Through Wayne County Lemonade Day, the Wooster Chamber is inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs.”

Kids who participate in Lemonade Day will learn how to set achievable business goals, develop plans for achieving their goals, follow through on their plans and run a successful business, Rothgery explained. By completing the lessons in the My Lemonade Day app, each child learns about financial literacy, how to set a budget, how to earn a profit and the importance of giving back to the community by being encouraged to donate a portion of their proceeds to a charity of their choice.

“Following Lemonade Day, awards will be given for Best Lemonade Stand and Entrepreneur of the Year, and we will also have a drawing for a new bike. By coming out to buy a glass of lemonade on Wayne County Lemonade Day, the community is investing in our future entrepreneurs, social advocates and community volunteers,” Rothgery said.

Although Lemonade Day is an international program founded in 2007, this will be the first year Wayne County has participated — after the Wooster Chamber learned about its details at the start of 2022 and then took steps to present the program.

“Lemonade Day is perfectly aligned with the chamber’s mission, and we are excited to focus on inspiring our next generation of business leaders,” she explained. “We have been in communication with all of the Wayne County schools, encouraging kids to participate in the program and explaining the educational benefits, as well as the chance to have a lot of fun.

“Wooster is an extremely supportive community, and we have been impressed by the response from parents wanting to sign up their kids and from business owners offering their storefronts as stand locations or to mentor a child in how to operate a small business.”

The Lemonade Day program encourages kids to get creative when putting together their stand so visitors will find areas with different kinds of lemonade such as classic, raspberry, strawberry and more. Visitors may even find items such as dog treats for their four-legged friends.

Rothgery and the rest of the Wooster Chamber are hopeful the Wayne County community will give its full support to those participating in Lemonade Day. She is sure locals will turn out to the stands to show the children this project means just as much to those buying the lemonade as it does to the young people who are selling it.

“These kids have dedicated time to complete this program and have gained skills along the way that will help them in the future,” Rothgery said. “We hope that everyone enjoys the day and supports our future leaders by checking out their lemonade stands and contributing to their success. The chamber is really looking forward to a successful first Wayne County Lemonade Day. We are excited to present this opportunity to Wayne County’s youth and watch these budding entrepreneurs in their quest for the American dream.”

There is still time to register for Lemonade Day. Parents, mentors, teachers and youth leaders are encouraged to register their youth online and learn more at www.woosterchamber.com/lemonade-day or www.facebook.com/woosterchamber.