Kaufman Realty and Auctions begins a new chapter in Millersburg

Kaufman Realty and Auctions begins a new chapter in Millersburg

Image Credit: Dave Mast

For close to half a century, Kaufman Realty & Auctions has been a driving force in the realty and auction realm. With its main office located in Sugarcreek, the company has expanded into West Virginia and has served people throughout Holmes County and surrounding counties.

On Tuesday, Nov. 9, the company started by founder Dave Kaufman in 1975 took its next step in its growth plan, this time focusing on developing relationships within Holmes County.

Kaufman Realty & Auctions celebrated the grand opening of its new office in Millersburg on East Jackson Street, officially opening the doors on a project that was designed to further connect and build relationships with the western half of Holmes County.

Many local businesspeople, members of the Holmes County Chamber of Commerce, the staff of Huntington Insurance and the staff from Kaufman Realty celebrated the grand opening of Crawford Place, owned by the partnership team of Dave and Anthony Kaufman and Curt Yoder.

Kaufman Realty President Anthony Kaufman said the building process took time, especially because everyone involved was excited to begin this new era of growth in the company, but with Ivan Weaver Construction erecting the building, everyone knew they needed to trust the process.

“When you start something like this, you think it’s never going to happen. Then one day you wake up and you’re cutting the ribbon to move in,” Anthony Kaufman said.

He went on to say when they acquired Holmes County Realty in 2005, he received some sage advice from local attorney Garrett Roach that he took to heart.

“When we acquired Holmes County Realty, he felt strongly that we needed a presence in Millersburg to serve the western side of the county,” Anthony Kaufman said.

The Kaufman Realty leadership team felt firmly about making an investment in the western side of Holmes County, and this new stage of the company’s existence proves they have taken Roach’s advice to heart.

“We need to have a physical presence in any community we work in,” Anthony Kaufman said. “We want to make sure our agents are physically in the areas they work and they are invested in the community more than someone who is just there to sell.”

Kaufman Realty purchased Holmes County Realty in 2005, and with that purchase came Dan Miller, who came on board as the Millersburg branch manager in the office that was located just down the street.

“When he came on board, Dan told me his goal was to eventually build something and be a part of something that was more of a cornerstone to the community,” Anthony Kaufman said.

Miller said while the old facility was in downtown Millersburg, it was in a retail area and had no parking. After more than a decade at the old site, Miller approached the leadership team about growth potential.

“I went to our leadership team and said it was time we do something different,” Miller said. “We weren’t seen really well, and the main thing was trying to attract younger people to sell real estate, so it was time to build something nicer. I didn’t have this nice of a building envisioned.”

The leadership team had Miller seek possible destinations for a new office, and he landed on the property near the courthouse formerly owned by Tom Bird, a lot that was centrally located with tremendous visibility.

“I’m beyond happy with the results,” Miller said.

Anthony Kaufman said working with Millersburg Mayor Jeff Huebner and Millersburg village administrator Nate Troyer and the council was refreshing because they all worked together to help the project come to fruition.

For the founder of the company, this marks another step in building relationships among the people with whom the staff sees daily, and he has enjoyed watching the next generation of leaders in the company focus on what is important to the community.

“I like the vision of the next generation because we started out here 16 years ago and I wasn’t thinking about a new building like this,” Dave Kaufman said. “They had this mission and vision. We want to be out here. We see a lot of growth in the area, and I think there will be strong growth in the western half of the county, and our people have been so loyal and good to us. I give them all the credit.”

Holmes County Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau executive director Tiffany Gerber was excited to see Kaufman Realty grow into the new facility, noting it continues the ongoing effort to make Millersburg even more attractive to both visitors and locals.

“It’s a professional look, and it blends in while standing out,” Gerber said. “To see a company so ingrained in the community taking the next step and invite tenants in, it all adds to the big package that continues to make the community stronger on a county level, on a village level, and we are so excited for them.”

While it is now home to two thriving companies, Crawford Place still has two vacant units available in the basement, and any prospective business can custom finish those units.