Fredericksburg Merchant Day celebrates community

Fredericksburg Merchant Day celebrates community

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County Road 201 slices through the heart of Fredericksburg, and whether folks coming down either side of the hill come in from the north or the south to visit the town on Saturday, Oct. 16, they will eventually settle into the small-town celebration of Fredericksburg Merchant Day.

The event was created years ago as a way to celebrate community and to give thanks to those who have shown support for the many Fredericksburg businesses over the years.

The fun will start around 8 a.m. and will continue throughout the day, where visitors can stop in at any of the participating merchant stores and find some savings on all types of purchases.

Along the way they can enjoy goodies to snack on. Admission is free, and participating businesses include Countryside Market, Plain Variety, Fredericksburg Harness and Shoe, Lem’s Pizza and Ice Cream, Fredericksburg Square Market, Red Barn Variety and Fabric, Salt Creek Café and Bakery, Fredericksburg Greenhouse and Nursery, Hillside Hardware and Variety, Weaver’s True Value, Simply Hand Made Gifts and Art, and Family Fabrics, and there could be others added to the mix.

For close to two decades, Fredericksburg Merchant Day has been a big draw for the community. Henry Miller, owner of Fredericksburg Harness and Shoe, said the reason why is simple.

“It’s mainly because of the food,” he said. “Really, people can stop by from place to place and almost every business offers something different to eat. We have these soft pretzels that are delicious. Other places offer something else, but people can literally eat fantastic food all day long without paying a thing for it.”

The participating merchants will offer fall treats, drinks, balloon bust boards for prizes, discounts and more as they liven up the Saturday festivities with games and food that will include cider, doughnuts, ice cream, soft pretzels, coffee and more.

Fredericksburg Merchant Day is one of those warm, welcoming throwbacks to yesteryear when people gathered on the streets, chatted, shared their lives and enjoyed a day out on the town. It is a festive fall atmosphere that is filled with goodwill and joy.

“Merchant Day is a day when the area merchants can thank their customers for their support,” Miller said. “That’s the most important part of the day. It’s a nice community event for people to come out and see what Fredericksburg has to offer. I know some people who only come into town once a year from farther away, and it is on this day. It’s probably our biggest day of the year as merchants.”

Visitors from near and far can peruse the stores, not just in town, but Miller said participating merchants from 3-4 miles outside of town also participate, so there will be plenty of deals and food to make it a special day to visit Fredericksburg.