First North East Ohio Quilt Show set for July 21-23 in Wooster

First North East Ohio Quilt Show set for July 21-23 in Wooster

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Quilters young and old, experienced and beginners, local and out-of-towners, will want to make plans to attend the North East Ohio Quilt Show, set to take place July 21-23 at the Wayne County Fair Event Center, 199 Vanover St., Wooster. Featuring more than 40 vendors from across the country, as well as three quilt guilds offering free demonstrations, the event costs nothing to attend but will provide opportunities for enthusiasts of the hobby.

The event will take place from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Thursday and Friday and from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday.

Originally planned for 2020, the North East Ohio Quilt Show was postponed at that time due to the outbreak of COVID-19, said show coordinator Cindy Turnbow, owner of The Stencil Company in Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania. The home-based mail order business sells plastic quilting stencils and quilt-related products and also sets up shop at various quilt shows including the Lancaster (Pennsylvania) Quilt Show Turnbow inherited promoting duties for after her friend passed away.

“Until that time I was a vendor at that show,” Turnbow said. “This year we celebrated our 30th anniversary and became the longest running quilt show in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. With that experience we decided to branch out and decided Ohio was a fantastic location as they have one of the highest number of quilt guilds in the country. In 2020 we had planned our first show in Wooster until COVID hit. Therefore, 2022 is our premiere show.”

The show has 42 vendors from across the country planning to attend.

“Most of our vendors are small, home-based businesses who have all been very affected by the pandemic,” Turnbow said. “I feel it’s important to support small businesses right now, so we are hoping quilters will come out. We take COVID safety seriously and will be following Ohio guidelines. Masks will be available for anyone who would like one at the door.”

Along with her committee, Turnbow brainstormed many ideas for the quilt exhibit and was able to bring many concepts from the Pennsylvania show into the Ohio show. She said the Lancaster show has always featured antique quilts, which always seem to be popular among visitors, so she decided to offer an antique quilt exhibit in Wooster as well.

“However, we knew it was important to offer a variety of quilts, from antique to modern,” Turnbow said. “The idea was presented for the vendors’ favorite quilts by a vendor at our Pennsylvania show. The ones who volunteered to bring a quilt or two are thrilled to hang their favorites. We think this exhibit will give our attendees an interesting way to engage with our vendors.”

The North East Ohio Quilt Show also will introduce Jack Edson, who is a member of a renowned men’s quilting group in New England. The show will present Jack Edson’s Portrait Quilts, a collection of pieced quilts where Turnbow said he combines art-historical elements to create portraits of the artists he finds most influential.

There also will be antique, embroidered baby quilts from one of Turnbow’s fellow vendors and friend she has known for more than 35 years who sells hand-dyed fabrics and antiques.

“These 12 quilts from the 1930s-50s feature colorful, embroidered children’s designs reminiscent of the period,” she said. “We’re excited about the exhibits. Next year we’re hoping to branch out and include more quilts. We will know more after seeing how the floor plan works out this year.”

When planning began back in 2019 for the show in Wooster, Turnbow said she was very selective on which vendors would be invited to participate. Only those who have some relationship to quilting, sewing or some sort of needlework were accepted into the show. She said those who had experience in fabric, notions, patterns, kits, sewing machines, wooden quilt hangers, pottery items to hold notions and even a mug with a quilt design on it will be one of the vendors in this inaugural show.

“We usually strive for at least 30-40% fabric vendors while the remaining vendors are from the group mentioned above,” Turnbow said. “It’s important to have a wide variety. Most of the vendors are people I’ve known for years and am privileged to have at my show. Our vendors will be coming from all over the country for this event.”

Back in 2019 when she was planning the North East Ohio Quilt Show prepandemic, Turnbow said she knew she wanted the show to be held in Ohio but chose Wooster based on its location and quaint, walkable downtown. She spent a day at the Wayne County Fair Event Center, measuring out the facility, and after walking around downtown, she said she knew it was the perfect fit. Along with her committee, she figured out a floor plan that would maximize space and make the show enjoyable to all and easy to navigate.

“We consider how we can make the show accessible to everyone by creating wide aisles and places to sit throughout the show,” Turnbow said. “Some vendors require special locations or booth configurations. We developed the quilt show website and Facebook page to have a place to promote the show. The Wayne County Convention and Visitors Bureau has been absolutely fantastic to work with and has gone above and beyond to promote our show. The My Ohio Fun has also been very helpful in promoting the show for us.

“Based on what we are seeing on our social media and emails we are receiving, we are hopeful it will be well attended.”

Admission to the show is free, as is parking. There also will be a free raffle at the show. Turnbow said each vendor donates $30 worth of product for a basket valued at more than $1,300. Entry is free, and people do not have to be present to win. The drawing will be held Saturday, July 23 at 3 p.m. There also will be a Girl Scout Troop from Pennsylvania selling more than 150 boxes of Girl Scout cookies.

Food vendors will be onsite. For more information on the show, visit or search North East Ohio Quilt Show on Facebook.