Aug. 4-5 Global Leadership Summit ready to ‘unlock people’s potential’

Aug. 4-5 Global Leadership Summit ready to ‘unlock people’s potential’

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“Leadership is unlocking people’s potential to become better.”

That is a quote from Bill Bradley, former U.S. senator and former NBA star.

However, before helping others unlock their potential, one must learn how to develop their own leadership skills, which is what an upcoming national leadership simulcast in Loudonville hopes to present.

The Global Leadership Summit simulcast taking place at New Hope Community Church in Loudonville Thursday and Friday, Aug. 4-5 is designed to bring together individuals who desire to develop and improve their ability to lead others.

The event will be simulcast, with a local leadership team from New Hope helping to guide those in attendance through daily sessions.

“It’s a great opportunity for people to be refueled, refilled and challenged to grow into a role of leadership,” said Bethany Paterson, New Hope Community Church event marketing coordinator. “Our hope is that people will be reignited in their vision and passion. It is something that we really stand behind and look at as a chance for people to become the people that we were created to be.”

The two-day event that features both morning and afternoon sessions is loaded with national speakers who will present messages of hope, taking those in attendance through the serious side of leading but interjecting plenty of lighthearted moments.

“It’s great content, very inspiring, yet they infuse artistic elements with plenty of humor that keeps things lively while really connecting with people,” Paterson said.

The lineup for the event includes Bob Iger, former CEO and executive chairman for The Walt Disney Company; Stephanie Chung, chief growth officer for Wheels Up; Andy Stanley, founder and pastor of North Point Ministries; Johnny C. Taylor, Jr, president and CEO of SHRM; Lynsi Snyder, owner and president of In-N-Out Burger; Deb Liu, president and CEO of Ancestry; Judah Smith, lead pastor of Churchome; Vanessa Van Edwards, founder and lead behavioral investigator for Science of People; Jon Acuff, leadership expert and New York Times best-selling author; Dr. Heidi Grant, science of leadership expert; and Craig Groeschel, founder and senior pastor of Life.Church.

“It’s an incredible lineup of speakers,” Paterson said. “This event opens the doors to an avenue to learn and grow from some fantastic leaders in our nation that people might not otherwise have access to.”

Paterson said while many of these types of leadership conferences are designed to focus on business leadership, this event is geared toward connecting with leaders in all phases of life, from the home, to communities, the business world and even teens in the schools.

“This event is designed to empower, equip and inspire leadership in every aspect of life,” Paterson said. “Global Leadership defines leadership as nothing more than influence, and they hold to the tenant that everyone has influence in some manner, so they gear the content toward the audience at large so everyone can benefit.”

The simulcast event will take place in Chicago, Illinois at Willow Creek Community Church. The New Hope event will present the simulcast in its entirety, with breaks throughout the day including a lengthier break for lunch where Paterson said those in attendance can connect with new people or meet as teams.

She said people can either pack lunches or there will be food trucks available onsite for lunch.

Paterson said there are continuing education units available for teachers and healthcare workers, and the event is valuable to high school students.

While tickets can be purchased at, Paterson said logging on to New Hope’s site at can provide significant savings of $50. Once on the New Hope home page, scroll down to the GLS registration link.

While it is always great to attend the simulcast personally because it opens the door to networking, Paterson said those who invest in GLS can access the seminar up to one week after the event, meaning if someone can’t be there on those two days, they can enjoy the benefits of the seminar up to one week after the event.

She said it also affords those who do attend an opportunity to go back and revisit each speaker.

“There’s so much that happens and so much great information that it is challenging to soak it all in, so having the option to revisit the seminar is a wonderful opportunity,” Paterson said.

With the world creating more and more challenges today, the hope of the Global Leadership Summit is to help people gain insight into how they can develop leadership skills and help others grow and succeed.

Developing innovation, building culture, mastering communication, leading in crisis, creating a healthy work environment, driving change, creating unity, vision casting and servant leadership are some of the values that will be on tap during the two-day event.

The GLS is designed to inspire people to strengthen their leadership skills and gain a better sense of where their strengths exist and how they can use those gifts to help others.

“When leaders get better, everyone gets better,” Paterson said.

New Hope Community Church is located at 637 N. Market St. in Loudonville.