2021 queen offering young kids a chance to be royalty

2021 queen offering young kids a chance to be royalty

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No pretending, children can be a prince and princess for a day at the Holmes County Fair, thanks to this year’s reigning queen.

Ally Ogi, the 2021 Holmes County Junior Fair queen, is introducing the chance for youngsters age 4-8 to experience what it’s like to preside over the fair as a member of the royal court. Through a registration process, Ogi will assign a group of children each day of the fair, Aug. 8-13, to follow around this year’s junior fair king and queen and their two attendants. She will present them with crowns and sashes and lead them on a royal procession through the fairgrounds as she highlights junior fair activities and the 4-H program.

It’s part fun, part recruitment.

“I want to get more kids involved in the fair and encourage them to join 4-H,” said Ogi, a 10-year 4-Her who has taken market hog projects. She also hopes the activity will bring more people through the gate as kids bring their families to the fair at Harvest Ridge.

“This will be a great opportunity for both little boys and girls in our community,” she said.

They will get a chance to talk to the junior fair royalty and help them with their duties presiding over the junior fair shows including passing out ribbons and awards.

Members of the royal court are chosen for their achievements, poise and public speaking and serve as role models, Ogi said. “We need to set examples for these boys and girls.”

Ogi heard about a similar royalty for a day program in another county, and it sparked an idea, she said, for what she could bring to Holmes County.

Prior to the fair, she and other members of last year’s royal court — King Matthew Young, attendants Sarah Irwin and Samantha Kendall, and visiting junior fair royalty — hosted Tea With The Queen at the Harvest Ridge Pavilion, offering a time when children could join them for crafts, games and snacks. It also was for children age 4-6, the age for Cloverbuds, a group that is not old enough to join 4-H.

Parents who want to register their children for Holmes County Royalty for a Day can find a link to a Google document on the Holmes County Jr. Fair Royalty Facebook page or may email Ogi at allysonogi12@gmail.com.

A West Holmes High School graduate, Ogi will be a freshman this fall at Ohio University, where she plans to major in nursing.