Renner relishes WHHS time, eyes a new career at Hiland

Renner relishes WHHS time, eyes a new career at Hiland

Image Credit: Dave Mast

For Tyler Renner, saying goodbye to West Holmes High School was very difficult.

At least he has the joy of saying hello to Hiland High and Middle School to ease some of that pain.

After two years as principal at West Holmes High School and having grown his career there over the past 14 years, Renner is excited about the opportunity to move back closer to his home in Sugarcreek when he was tabbed as the new principal at Hiland High and Middle School at the end of the school year in May.

Renner said the transition to East Holmes has gone very well, giving accolades to West Holmes School administration for allowing him to make the transition easier by splitting his time between the two districts during the month of June.

He said that will help immensely because not everything will be brand new when he walks into his office at Hiland in August.

“I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am to West Holmes to give me that opportunity,” Renner said. “Really, that goes for my career here. It has been a blessing to serve the West Holmes School District and West Holmes High School during my time here. It’s been a joy and a time of growth for me.”

Renner taught at West Holmes High School for seven years before transitioning to assistant principal at the high school for four years. He then spent the past two years as head principal.

He said he came to West Holmes unmarried, fresh out of graduation from Malone University, with his only experience a year of teaching at Lake Center Christian Academy in Hartville.

“I was pretty fresh and inexperienced coming here, and I can’t say enough about how this district has shaped me, impacted my life in a positive way and helped me grow as a teacher and leader,” Renner said. “I learned a lot from the people here at school and in the community that will serve me well in the future.”

Renner said with his children at the age where they are going to be involved with many extracurricular activities, the move closer to his home will allow him to find more time to experience their activities.

“That was important to me,” Renner said.

He then went on to say that having grown up in Sugarcreek and attended Garaway High School, he saw firsthand what type of school district East Holmes is and said that knowledge also played a key role in the move.

“I’ve been around that school all my life, and I’ve always been impressed with what they have,” Renner said. “I’m excited to be a part of that, and it’s a real bonus it’s closer to home for me.”

The new Hiland principal said his expectations for his new gig won’t change all that much. He said kids are kids, and whether it is on the west or east side of Holmes County, the challenges of being a principal won’t change much.

“The biggest thing for me is getting to go work with young people and help them on their journey through life, however that may be,” Renner said.

He said he also is looking forward to taking on the role of leading and guiding teachers through their everyday lives at school, something he feels is just as important as guiding the youth.

“I’m sure there will be many similarities,” Renner said of guiding West and East Holmes students. “I’m sure there will also be some differences because they are their own distinct communities. I’m excited to see those differences, but at the same time, I am excited to draw from my experiences at West Holmes to help guide my decisions in East Holmes.”

Renner said he sees himself living out his professional career at Hiland, and he said he is ready to hunker down, noting this is not a steppingstone position for him.

“I certainly can’t control the future, but God willing, I see myself being here for a long time,” Renner said. “I don’t see myself looking to go anywhere else anytime soon.”

As for moving to the school district that was his backyard rival during his days starring for the Pirates’ baseball and basketball teams, Renner said he never envisioned himself as a Hiland Hawk growing up.

Now that he is one, he is excited and looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead.

“That is a really great rivalry, but throughout the time I played, I built some really great relationships with people in East Holmes,” Renner said. “It’s a place I’ve always respected, with the tradition and the hard work they put into everything. There’s always been a huge respect for Hiland, and I’m happy to be a part of it now.”