Montessori Preschool becomes a winter wonderland

Montessori Preschool becomes a winter wonderland

Every year the staff and students at Montessori Preschool decorate their classrooms for Christmas, but this year the entire hallway was transformed into a winter wonderland.

Snowflakes and silver streamers dangle from the ceiling. Blue paper lines the hall, and each student and staff member designed a snowman (about 50 of them) that is glued to the paper. Snowflakes surround the snowmen too. While every snowman is created from the same basic parts, the children made each of them their own by how they chose to put it together and decorate it.

A few years ago each classroom door was decorated as a gingerbread house. Last year the staff used children’s Christmas movies (Dr. Seuss’ "The Grinch," "The Polar Express" and "Charlie Brown’s Christmas") to get their creativity flowing.

“I was talking with a few staff members one day in November about what we wanted to do this year. And we brainstormed the winter wonderland idea and how we could make it work,” said Stephanie Fender, administrator of the preschool. “It’s been a work in progress adding the snow and snowflakes. It’s been fun watching the expressions of the children as they walk into the school and down the hallway. Some will look up and smile, some will pretend they are grabbing the snowflakes, and some think we need to paint the floor white and put snow on the ground.”

Teacher Cissy Moore said, “We decorated it to bring holiday spirit to the school, for both staff and students. We wanted to bring joy to the kids.”

The students have their own opinions about the decorations. Luke N. said, “I like the snowflakes. They move.”

Quinn said, “I like that the snowflakes hang up and the snowmen have scarves cause they are cold.”

Noah said, “I like the snowmen. I like they are big like me.”

Hensley said, “I like the snowflakes. I thought they were really real.”

Harper M. said, “I like the snowmen cause I made one for Christmas.”

Axel said, “I like the snowman’s nose cause it’s a carrot.”