oving pups are noisy, messy

oving pups are noisy, messy

When our children grew up and moved out of our house, keeping our place neat and clean became much easier. In particular, the hall bath was always visitor-ready with very few exceptions. What were once their bedrooms are now guest rooms, boasting neatly made beds and well-vacuumed rugs. At least that part of our place is always in good shape.

The rest of the weekly attention our house needs is subject to our dogs’ behavior. Both of our pets much prefer sleeping on human beds and sofas. They tend to rearrange the bed linen to suit their comfort preferences. But when they decide to sleep in their own beds, they sometimes decorate the area around their beds with the bed stuffing. Cleaning that sticky stuff up requires the vacuum cleaner.

Then we must remember to clean their feet when they come in when it’s wet outside. They hate having their paws wiped, and it can be quite a struggle. The little dog much prefers wiping her paws on the living room rug while big dog makes a dash for our bedroom rug, the light-colored one. Once again, the vacuum cleaner must be pulled out to do its duty.

There have been a few mornings we have arisen to find our dogs have left last night’s regurgitated supper to surprise us in the hallway. That is absolutely no way to begin anyone’s day. Actually, Taller Half has become an expert dealing with dog messes. He truly deserves a medal.

Despite the havoc our pets can create, we love them dearly. No doubt our house feels totally different. And who can blame her? Though they can be messy, our pups love our home and are devoted to guarding her. In fact, we had to put a “beware of dog” sign at our front door. Our pups are not fierce, just extremely noisy.