Holmes 4-H Shooting Club meets

Holmes 4-H Shooting Club meets

The Holmes County 4-H Shooting Sports Club met Saturday, May 21 at the Eastern Holmes Sportsman’s Club.

Vice President Jimmy Britt called the meeting to order. The U.S. flag pledge was led by Cameron Hinton, and the 4-H flag pledge was led by Laina Croskey.

The secretary’s report was read by Croskey, the treasurer’s report was given by Hunter Sloan, and the meeting was led by President Cheyanne Mackey.

It was announced the club earned the 2021 Honor Club Award and the 2021 Clover Award.

The club constitution was discussed, approved and signed. The CSB mini-grant application was discussed and approved, and a bake sale with hot dogs, chips and drinks was discussed and approved for Saturday, June 18 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Millersburg Tractor Supply.

In other news the club set up at the 4-H open house at Harvest Ridge and at Bookworms Bookstore for 4-H Week.

A health message was shared by Camden Tennant, a safety message was shared by Lucas Bailey, and 4-H achievement certificates and shooting sports patches were presented to club members. Disciplines the club members participated in were archery, shotgun, rifles and pistols.

The Britt family supplied the refreshments for after the meeting.

The next meeting will be held in conjunction with the June 18 bake sale at the Millersburg Tractor Supply.

For more information on the Shooting Sports Program, Hunter Education and Trapper Education, contact Patricia Ann Lang at 6356 County Road 51, Big Prairie, OH 44611-9663; at 330-275-7578; or at patricia.lang1950@gmail.com.