BCC students create winning design

BCC students create winning design

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The Christmas project of students of Buckeye Career Center’s floral design and greenhouse management class lit up two local hospital auxiliaries.

Each year the class students come up with a new design for a Christmas display they create and present for two local hospital auxiliary fundraisers.

Sharon Burdette, floral design and greenhouse management instructor at Buckeye Career Center, said this project has taken on a life of its own for the BCC students who put their creativity to good use for the Pomerene Hospital Auxiliary Christmas Festival and Union Hospital Auxiliary, and they built an additional display this year to sell elsewhere.

She said this project is one the students take control of from the beginning, and it demands teamwork and cooperation to be a success.

“Our students come up with several different ideas and see the project through from start to finish,” Burdette said. “They hash through the ideas and nitpick and discuss what would and wouldn’t work. This one happened to be one that really excited all of us.”

This year’s Pomerene Auxiliary entry took home the Judge’s Choice Award and People’s Choice Award for Best Christmas Tree and the People’s Choice Award for Best Christmas Spirit. It featured a trio of different-sized tree frames made from wood that hosted hundreds of tiny LED lights that zigzagged back and forth. Ornaments were then hung from the lights.

“It took four people to string those lights because they would tangle so easily,” Burdette said. “It took a great deal of teamwork, which is always a positive when we’re working on any project.”

She said they started the project two months prior to early December, and 16 BCC students worked on the project. An added bonus this year, Burdette said they got the wood shop class members involved, inviting them to construct the tree frames.

She said while they try to put together field trips, visiting Berlin Grande Hotel to erect the Christmas display for Pomerene’s annual event doesn’t qualify, even though about half of the students did make the trek to build the piece and decorate it on their own.

Burdette said there is always a great deal of excitement surrounding this project, and the students call their friends or parents to come and check it out while in progress.

She said the students are always eager to see if they claimed any of the festival prizes at Pomerene or Union Hospital’s events, and this year was another award-winning entry for a group that has annually fared well with the award portion of the events.

“That certainly was a crowd-pleasing effort,” said Cindy Yoder, Pomerene Auxiliary administrative assistant and credentialing and volunteer coordinator. “It’s a beautiful, unique design that really captured the fancy of everyone who came in for the festival.”

The decorations sold for $200 apiece.

“It’s fun to see the students pour themselves into this project every year, and it is very obvious that they put their hearts into creating something special that they are proud to create,” Burdette said.